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How to Apply

Exchange with your tutor, explain your needs and discuss availabilities. Schedule your lessons. We also offer schedule online sessions for you. This means you would have a special discussion with your tutor.

Our pricing for one month is N30,000 and you are confident that you would get professional support in ensuring a good grade at the end of your IELTS exam

Why study IELTS?

IELTS is the world's most popular test of English language proficiency for higher education and global migration. The IELTS Academic Reading Paper tests your ability to read, understand and interpret academic texts.

The IELTS is used by a large and growing number of academic institutions to assess English language 


  • IELTS preparation for all levels

  • Check reviews, chat with tutors and book lessons all in one place

  • Our IELTS students are very satisfied

  • Do you want to learn IELTS?

  • Arrange your lessons

  • Discover new experiences

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